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Director of Admin and Finance

The Directorate of Administration and Finance Served as the central administrative and finance office of the Agency, directly responsible to the CCE and DG/Secretary. The department shall:

  1. Supervise and coordinate all departments under it at the behest of the DG/Secretary.
  2. Co-ordinate the financial transactions of the Zonal Commands.
  3. Perform any other duties as may be directed by the CCE.


The Directorate comprises of other Departments under it namely:

Administration Department

The functions of the Administration Department shall include:

  1. Keeping records of all establishment matters.
  2. Keeping records of, and processing staff welfare matters.

– Hospitalization;

– Sick leave;

– Maternity leave; and

– Other compassionate leave matters.

  1. Keeping records of, and processing staff housing matters;
  2. Keeping records of, and processing all terminal benefit matters, through the Agency’s Board of Trustees and Pensions Secretariat;
  3. Keeping records of, and processing all death matters;
  4. Maintaining an Agency Clinic;
  5. Keeping records of the Agency’s Tenders’ Board meetings/resolutions;
  6. Carrying out any such duties as may be assigned by the CCE from time to time.

Finance Department

This department shall be responsible for:-

  1. Preparation and payment of Staff emoluments.
  2. Handling banking matters and keeping of the Agency’s banking records.
  3. Effective maintenance and operation of the Agency’s Central Pay Office.
  4. Execution of sundry financial directives/matters.

Budget and Planning

The department shall be responsible for:

  1. Drafting the Agency’s annual budget, in liaison with all relevant departments,
  2. Proffer advice on the implementation of the budget.
  3. Carrying out any other duties as may be assigned by the CCE.


The department shall be responsible for:

  1. Recruitment matters.
  2. Making arrangements for promotion examinations.
  3. Dispatch and keep records of postings.
  4. Handle official correspondence with personnel.
  5. Keep records of all appointments.
  6. Keep records of personnel regarding seniority, qualification, training, appointments, etc..
  7. Raising variations for staff salaries, annual increment and promotions.
  8. Performance of any other task as may be assigned by the CCE.


This unit shall be responsible for the administrative processing of all medical matters such as:-

  1. Processing and recommending the settlement of medical claims and related assistance.
  2. Application for financial assistance for medical reasons.
  3. Monitoring of personnel hospitalised for injuries received while on official assignment.
  4. Supervise recreational facilities meant for the staff of the Agency.
  5. Issuing of Reference letters to hospitals for bona-fide staff and related correspondences.
  6. Provisions of entertainments during official functions in liaison with relevant departments.
  7. Supervision of the staff canteen.

This unit shall have no control over the clinic, as its functions are purely administrative.



This unit shall be responsible for:-

  1. Custody of the Agency’s fleet of vehicles.
  2. Allocation of Agency vehicles to qualified senior officials.
  3. Supervision of all drivers.
  4. Assigning drivers to units and officers as appropriate.
  5. Conveyance of staff to and from work.
  6. Allocation of vehicles for ad-hoc duties.
  7. Supply of water to the residences of senior officers and official quarters.
  8. Performance of any such duties as shall be assigned by the CCE.


 Central Stores

The Central Stores of the Agency shall be responsible for:

  1. Custody of Uniforms, Accessories and General Stores.
  2. Relate with Directorates on Stores requirements.
  3. Issuing approved Stores to Directorates, Departments, Zones and Area Commands.
  4. Receiving and recording all in-coming procurements and out-going issues from the Central Stores.
  5. Periodic compilation of Stock levels for decision-making on replenishments.
  6. Forwarding of Special Reports on perishable and special stores that may require urgent attention.
  7. Carrying out any specialized Stores functions as specifically prescribed by the Financial Regulations of the Federal Government and or extant circulars.
  8. Any other assignments as may be assigned by the CCE.


The clinic, which shall report directly to the Assistant Director

Administration, shall stock medical supplies and provide medical services to the personnel of the Agency. For the avoidance of doubt the welfare unit is an administrative unit and shall have nothing to do with the clinic. The clinic, on the other hand, is an independent

Professional unit, headed by the PSO Clinic who shall be the Chief

Medical and Accounting Officer of the unit, and shall relate directly with the Director of Admin and Finance through the AD (Admin.).