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Directorate of Operation and General Investigation

This directorate is charged with the responsibility of detection and prevention of offences in violation of any of the sections of the Act setting up the Agency. This responsibility includes among others, the monitoring of the movement of goods and services into and out of the country, in collaboration with the Nigerian Customs services. This also requires conducting of searches on persons and on incoming and outgoing vessels, including pleasure crafts, fishing vessels as well as aircraft, and other vehicles. By so doing, consignments suspected to contain drugs and psychotropic substances coming into or going out of the country are detected and impounded.

This has been responsible for the numerous arrests of persons in possession of drugs with the seizure of huge quantities of substances such as cocaine, heroin and marijuana. This mechanism has also halted the local distribution and exportation of any drugs that were smuggled into the country, including marijuana, which is grown locally. Often times the Agency combs locations where drugs are sold such as hotels, clubs, smoking joints and alleys where officers engage in combat operations to dismantle and disorganize both drug sellers and their consumers such that they are rendered incapable of furthering their deadly and criminal act. The Agency in the course of its operations ensures mutual cooperation with and among other security agencies within and outside the country, concerned with drug interdiction.