Directorate of Prosecution and Legal Services

The prosecution & Legal Services Directorate shall be responsible for all
The Agency’s legal matters, which shall include:
a. Preferment of Legal Advice and opinion.
b. Legal drafting.
c. Preparation of documents on Memorandum of Understanding and Treaties.
d. Prosecution of drug offenders.
e. Serving as Solicitors to the Agency.
f. Handling of Assets forfeiture proceedings.
g. Co-ordinate prosecution matters in the Commands to ensure effectiveness and standardization of legal services and prosecution efforts.
h. Execution of any other assignment as may be directed by the CCE.

a. Prosecution Department
The department shall be responsible for:
a. Prosecution of all drug suspects and any such persons that the Agency may wish to have prosecuted.
b. Handling of all matters regarding prosecution.
c. Performance of any duty as may be assigned by the CCE.

b. Legal Services
This department shall be responsible for:
a. Profferment of advice on litigation.
b. Profferment of advice on contractual matters.
c. Profferment of advice on treaties and Memoranda of Understanding.
d. Profferment of advice on court litigation involving personnel of the Agency.
e. Handling of all solicitors’ jobs.
f. Performance of any duty as may be assigned by the CCEs may be assigned by the CCE