Drug Free Club

With the recognition of drug abuse as a global health problem, the Untied Nations declared 1991 to the year 2000, the Decade of Action against Drug Abuse This Is a goal worthy of being pursuit by all nations of the World. For it to be attained, the war must be fought on al fronts. The war against drug abuse must be fought particularly among adolescents and youths who have been consistently Identified ass high flak group. Students in junior and senior secondary school as well as tertiary Institution constitute a large proportion of this group.

In order to effectively tactile drug problems among students, the student themselves must be involved, The National Drug Law
Enforcement Agency (NOLEA) very much believe in this. that Is why it is enlisting their support by organizing them into Drug-Free Clubs. The rationale behind the setting upon Drug-Free club Is to provide a forum for students to pursue activities aimed at promoting drug-free life-style among them as they pursue their education It is therefore, necessary for the students to show concern about drugs and drug related problems and how to get rid of both among them.

This manual Is designed to provide students with some background Information on drugs and drug-related problems information and guidelines on setting up of Drug-Free Clubs in schools. The setting up of Drug-Free Club In all secondary schools end tertiary institutions in Nigeria Is the ultimate expectation of the NDLEA. Through the clubs the following objectives are expected to be achieved.

a. Promotion of alternative activities to drug involvement.
b. lncreased understanding of the dangers posed by alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
c. Encouraging students to resist drug use and persuading those using drugs to seek help.
d. Identifying and reporting students who are involved In drugs in school authorities not necessary for penal action but to be helped