Services That Impact on Ease of Doing Business

Service 1:      Visa Clearance

Basis for Visa Clearance 

Under the global collaboration arrangement to fight drug trafficking, Drug source countries of Latin America for cocaine And far East Asia like Thailand, Pakistan for heroine have entered into MOUS with Nigeria to vet travelers. This has necessitated a visa arrangement for intending travelers.


An Assistant Director in the office Director of Operations and General Investigations head’s the visa clearance desk. The requirements for visa clearance applications are given by this office to intending travelers.


The present arrangement requires an applicant to interface with the agency at least four times. This will reduce to two after the full upgrade of the website.

  1. Collection of forms containing the requirement.
  2. Payment of processing fees in the bank.
  • Submissions of completed forms with the requirements and interview.
  1. Approval or rejection.
  2. The investigation of guarantors does not require the attention of the applicant.


Fee for Visa Clearance

The fee for visa clearance is ten thousand Naira (N10,000).

The application fee is contained in the form.


Time Line

The time line from application to approval is not more than two weeks.


Service 2:     NDLEA Activities Points of Entry and Exit of Goods and Persons.

The mandate of the Agency brings it in contact with goods and passengers at points of entry and exit of the country. At the airports, seaports and land borders, the agency carries out joint inspections of goods with the Nigeria Customs Service and other relevant agencies.

Time Line

The time line for inspection is not dictated by the agency because the inspection is called by Nigerian Custom Service. Where a container or luggage is suspected to contain illicit drugs or precursor chemical imported without lawful authority, investigations is carried out. Samples are taken for field tests immediately and confirmatory tests within 24 hours. Where the test is positive further investigations which may lead to prosecution is carried out in accordance with the time in the Administration of criminal justice Act. Where the result is negative the goods and suspects are released immediately.


  1. The agency has hosted an email, Telephone number, on line counseling service, Twitter, [email protected]
  2. Management periodic interface or engagement with stakeholders and training on their roles in assisting the agency to combat trafficking in drugs in the country.
  3. The agency has communication desks at the National headquarters and all its operation commands for the purpose of interface  with relevant stakeholders on trade facilitation .The agency is reviewing the available facilities, ICT infrastructures, as well as the training and capacity of the desks officers for better impact. This review be complete by the fourth quarter of 2017.

The Directorate of Technical services, Directorate of Training and Man Power Development are jointly doing the review.



Any complaint concerning the activities of NDLEA staff or the activities of the Agency shall be submitted to the Office of The Chairman/Chief Executive of NDLEA.

  • Without prejudice we will accept complaints from aggrieved person(s), their legal representative or a responsible third party
  • All complaints will be treated with strict confidentiality.
  • All complaints need to be recorded in writing, where someone is unable to prepare their own account in English, an interpreter or legal adviser can support them to make the record
  • Upon receiving a complaint, we will acknowledge your matter via telephone or in writing within 2 working days
  • We will keep you informed of the progress of your complaint, proposed actions and the expected timeframe for resolution
  • Our aim is to resolve complaints in a timely manner and we will generally resolve a case within 30 calendar days
  • Complex cases may take longer than 30 calendar days to resolve. In these cases we will regularly update you on the progress and likely timeframe for resolution
  • We will advise you the outcome of your complaint. Where you have requested us to do so, we will do this in writing
  • If you are dissatisfied with the outcome you can ask for an internal review and refer the matter to the Public Complaints Commission.



Customer Interface mechanism (Default approval)

The Agency currently has a comprehensive list of requirements for VISA approval, these include fees, waiver and guarantor’s attestation forms. The prospective applicants are expected to fulfill all the requirements for approval or rejection.

  1. The list of requirement forms part of the application given to applicant upon request for application for VISA clearance. 

The Chairman/Chief Executive have directed the Director, Operations/ General Investigation to enforce it in the State/National Headquarters in line with the Executive Order.

  1. A copy of the list is pasted on the notice board within the premises for the public.

All the NDLEA Command formation have complied with the directives.

  1. The establishment of the webpage for VISA Clearance and all the requirements and procedures are highlighted to reduce cost and time.

The Agency has engaged a Consultant who is currently developing and upgrading the existing website with a webpage dedicated to Ease of doing Business and Trade Facilitation.

  1. Other means of correspondence with the public and applicant include;      

1). Dedicated phone lines at the National and State Commands Headquarters.

The website will host all the direct lines for the customer services/enquiry.

2). An Email address for customers interface with the Agency desk office.

The Directorate of Admin and Finance has established the VISA CLEARANCE DESK OFFICE in all the State Commands to reduce time and cost.  We hope to transmit electronically all Visa application and approval in the near future.

3)The contact/details of Commands offices in 36 State/ FCT are published in the NDLEA Annual Drug Report and Drug Salvation quarterly Magazine

The copies of the annual drug report/quarterly magazines are distributed to the public/ private institutions

4). All VISA clearance complaints are addressed swiftly by the State/National Headquarters via the Director of Operations and General Investigation on behalf of the Chairman/Executive.

The Management handles all complaints in strict compliance with the VISA CLEARANCE guidelines.

Approval communication feedback (Approved or Not Approved) are usually forwarded to the Embassy and transmitted to the applicant via email within the stipulated time frame.

The Directorate of Operations and Gen. Investigation communicate approval to the Embassy and applicant within the timeframe.


One Government

The Agency appreciates the need for internal and external communication strategy that enhance one government and abiding the time for carrying out government business. The NDCMP form the road map for achieving the Agency mandate of a drug free Nigeria (2015 – 1019).

  1. The Agency in order to enhance strategic implementation of the National Drug Control Master Plan (2015-2019) in line with intergovernmental one government communication strategy.

The Secretary of the Agency through the Coordinator, NDCMP NHQ organizes   Inter-Ministerial Committee meetings periodically to evaluate the performance of the Masterplan in line with the Presidential directives.

  1. Training and capacity building for line officers, Law Enforcement Agencies and relevant organized private sectors are designed to meet the present realities of reducing the cost and time of government businesses.

The Agency through the Directorate of Training and Manpower Development  has designed a monthly knowledge transfer schedules for junior and middle Cadre officers and annual summit for Commands Officers on the content of government polices and the Executive Order.

  1. Creation of public awareness through effective engagements of Exporters and Importers on the Agency functions and compliance to facilitate trade.

The Chairman/ Chief Executive has directed the Directorate of Operations and General Investigation to engage Stakeholders on the functions and compliance standard with the Agency mandate in line with trade facilitation.

  1. One Stop interagency joint cooperation, collaboration and coordination on the acceptance of copy to reduce cost and time of doing business at the ports of exit and entry.

The Agency is a member of the standard operating procedure at the ports. In this respect the agency and all other agencies using the standard operating procedures (SOP) accept secondary document to carry out their operations in line with the Executive Order.



The Agency’s determination to adhere to and enforce the implementation of the Presidential Executive Order is paramount in NDLEA. However, it is pertinent to note that due to financial constraints, to effectively and efficiently execute the full implementation of the tasking order should be addressed by the government.

Thank you.