An Act to establish the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency to enforce laws against the cultivation, processing, sale, trafficking and use of hard drugs and to empower the Agency to investigate persons suspected to have dealings in drugs and other related matter.
(1989 No. 48, 1990 No. 33, 1992, No. 15., 1995, No. 3 1999, No. 62)

Establishment of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, etc.

1.                  Establishment of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency

There is hereby established a body to be known as the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (in this Act referred to as “the Agency”).

2.                  Composition and proceedings, etc., of the Agency

1.                  The Agency shall consist of the following:
a.                  A Chairman
b.                  A representative of the Nigeria Police Force, not below the rank of an Assistant Inspector-General
c.                  The Director, Military Intelligence;
d.                  The comptroller-General of Customs
e.                  The Director, State Security Service
f.                   A representative of the Federal Ministry of Justice not below the rank of a Director
g.                  The Director – General National Intelligence Agency
h.                  A representative each of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health not below the rank of Director; and
i.                    Three other persons

2.                  The President shall appoint the chairman and the members specified in paragraph (a)-(c) of subsection (1) of this section on the recommendation of the Attorney-General of the Federation.

3.                  The chairman of the Agency shall be the chief executive of the Agency and shall be the accounting officer of the Agency.

4.                  The provisions of the First Schedule to this Act shall be effect with respect to the proceedings of the Agency and other matters mentioned therein.

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