DIRECTORATE of Media and Advocacy

Femi Babafemi

Director, Media and Advocacy

Established in 2021, the directorate’s primary duty is the projection of the image of NDLEA and its leadership. It directly handles the Agency’s relationship with the public and the media. It develops and manages communication strategies that enhance better communications with the public, other organisations, policy makers and strategic stakeholders using various media platforms and public relations engagements. The Directorate of Media & Advocacy produces NDLEA Today, the Agency’s quarterly magazine and weekly Television series of the same title.

Its functions include, inter alia:

  1. Coordination of media coverage for all activities of the Agency, including organising press briefings and interviews, appearances on radio/TV programmes, and issuing press releases on the operations of the Agency and its leadership.
  2. Coverage of court trials of suspects.
  3. Production of documentaries, editorials and advocacy materials.
  4. Coordinating internal events/programmes, courtesy/advocacy visits; handling inter-agency liaison; and facilitating public enlightenment through media and other public platforms.
  5. Facilitating engagement between NDLEA and its followers (especially youths) on social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube.